I just came to say HELLO

I woke up with random doodles all over my hand. I really need to start sleeping earlier, hmmm.



This is my first blog post! wooooh! No, this isn’t such a big deal. Oh well.

uhmmm, what do I write? where am I going with this? I don’t know myself.

Well, I should probably talk about myself?

I’m a girl, a normal (NOT NORMAL) 16 year old that writes poetry and dreams wild dreams.

I love music, singing is what I do as I’m pretty useless at everything else, I love making people smile, laughing is the key to living.

Being young is also a cool thing, but you have to remember, youth comes from the heart not from your physical features.

I honestly have no idea what to do with this blog. I’m just writing what I’m thinking. I aspire to become a writer/novelist/essayist/poet! Anything to do with English really. Hopefully a journalist, if I get that far,

I love languages! Right now I’m learning french, arabic and urdu.

I hate nothing and no one (I HATE PEOPLE THOUGH, ALL PEOPLE)
Even tyrants, because I believe there’s a tiny tiny bit of good in everyone.

No one is good, no one is bad. These two extremes are impossible in my opinion.

I’ve travelled alot in my short life, thanks to my psycho parents. I think this makes me a person that’s prepared to take risks.

I fall in love very easily, with life itself sometimes, with the sky, with people, with nature, even with death! (Yeah I’m pretty weird)

I feel like ending this with a bunch of soppy cheesy stuff so here I go:

-You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

-Life is a b**tch and Love her sister.

-If we all took an eye for an eye the world would be blind

-Give peace a chance!

-Be yourself, dare to be different, for without diversity humanity would definitely have died by now.



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