Crazy people that I call friends

Helloowww! And good afternoon people! >.<

I figured, I don’t have time at home to blog, so I might as well blog at school, at lunch, surrounded by crazy people that I call friends.

And one of them is insisting to dance on the table to macarena -_-


Anywho, I hate to use profanity but,

shit going downnn! Shit going down at school, and I’m a tiny bit confuzzled as to why somehow I’m caught up in it?!?!?!?

In need of consolation, I’m scared this shit will escalate and I don’t want to die young, please no! 😥

Uhmmm, I saw a plane this morning!

oh! This morning!!! It was so pretty, it was so quiet before all the rest of the world woke up. As it is officially winter now the sun comes up later (Lazy sun, silly billy) and it makes the sky go a beaaauuuutifull pink-ish colour and it fills you up with awesomeness.

So there you have it, that is how to be awesome, well partially awesome of course no one can be completely awesome because that’s me 😛

Uhm, I have to go now 😥 Oh no don’t cry

I’m acting weird, Idek! No one’s going to cry, I’ll be back tomorrow with another pointless entry, but hey I need more follower



Lots of un-love Meow >^_^<


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