I Don’t Know

I honestly don’t know

All the year 11’s at school look depressed and stressed,

And I have had enough rest,

But in January we have yet another test,

and all we want is a fan fest

well not I,

but everyone else yes.

See told you, I don’t know :/

ello ello ello dear

said the grandma over there,

doesn’t that sound a little queer?

we sit in the music room, and pasta we share,

you cheeky mare

said the cute the girl over there,

when the boy whistled at her,

nothing like a sir.

See told you I don’t know. :/

My friends are all pervs,

I might become a nurse,

last night I phoned my bestfriend,

and laughed until the end,

“One day I’m going to ask Alex Gaskarth if I can marry him”


😦 😦 😦


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