Geography -_-

Good Morning, no just Morning,

I’m in geography and bored out of my mind, want to sleeeeeeeeepppp


what I don’t understand is why we have so much  work. I’m 15, I shouldn’t have to do this much at this age. I bet if I asked my parents they didn’t have this much work at my age, or in fact ever in their lives -_-

yes I’m not in the very best of moods however I am laughing so much due to my lifelong friend SOMA.


I am an idiot.

All I wanted to do in the coming holiday was watch french movies and cry at the beauty of them, and stuff my face with popcorn and chocolate. NOT HAPPENING.

I have this little organiser thingy, and I’ve planned the next three weeks. They consist of revision, more revision, wait more than that,

Did I mention revision?

We just sang the spongebob theme tune. ^_^

I’m writing this entry inbetween doing some ‘research’ on this awesome beach called BORTH.

The name is kinda depressing

But it’s beautiful.

like Soma

(No I’m not lesbian.)

‘research’ means copying stuff from the textbook and getting pretty pictures from google.

We are now taking the absolute piss out of geographical terms, from fetch, to bands of rock to bay, to GROYNES


Please tell me you find that funny too

We are immature

I want it to snow, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, but I don’t want to freeze either.

I forgot to mention my burn. I want to mention it because it is a sign of my clumsiness, I got the burn on saturday and it still hurts. I have no idea what to do about it. but it used to look like a smiley face, which made me smile.

I’m weird I know.

Uhm I don’t normally get hurt this bad, though I do get cuts from stupid things like paper. Stupid paper.

Soma keeps insisting that I bit myself -_-

wtf I’m not that weird.

Uhmmmm I’m probably not going to finish this research now, meaning more homework for me 😀 Well pass time right? When everyone else is going to the cinema and going out for coffee, I’ll be at home doing homework.

I better go out to Starbucks, my dad owes me since he’s being so goddamn annoying recently. He literally forgets I exist for a week then pryes into my life and wakes me up at 6! WHO WAKES UP AT SIX?!?!?!?!

On SUNDAY he said: “Get changed, I’ll take you to the sports centre”

I turned around and said: “No Dad, just no.”

Him: “You said you wanted to go running”

Me: “Dad that was more than 3 months ago. I don’t want to go running on a sunday at 5 in the afternoon thanks.”

My dad is still a child, which leads me to the conclusion that I was born into a family of absolute idiots.

Apart from me, my sister and mum, the rest of the family (dad, older bro and lil bro) are all idiots.

That’s not sexist, that’s just my family.

Anyhow, this post has gone a little OTT so sorry about :/

I’ll blog another post probably at lunch, so till then

adieu 🙂


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