I don’t actually believe in luck,

well maybe I do,

because yesterday was pretty lucky, yet it ended in such a bad way,

but this morning I woke up and felt truly lucky to be alive, even if I have a ton of boring revision to get through,

I felt lucky because I have friends that care, and people who love me, even when I’m in a particularly unloveable mood.

I feel lucky still, even if someone who I love is really annoyed at me, it’s a little bit silly, but I’m lucky to have someone,

I’m lucky to be able to write poetry that can make people cry, and make people laugh,

I’m lucky to be blessed with an annoying family, quite a few best friends, a home, a house, music, food, most importantly I’m lucky to be myself.

To not be dying, to be healthy,

To be different and to see things differently to everyone else,

I’m so lucky ^_^


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