“Don’t Let Them Steal Your Tears Kiddo”

The other day I wrote a note to myself (of course it rhymes)

And it really helped,

I guess I can’t rely on anyone but myself,

maybe this is a new stage of strength and independence! 😀


On christmas someone told me I depend on someone else too much, and I almost exploded, it angered me so much,

The fact that I’m a strong feminist didn’t help,

But I’m proud because I simply left, without exploding or losing my mind, I just left,

and then I thought,

and then I changed, I thought why should I rely on anyone but myself? Ever since I’ve cheered myself up, stopped myself from making mistakes, and this feels so much better,

more free, more myself ^_^

I should stop blogging now,

till tomorrow,

adios bloggers 🙂


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