the reason it’s plural is because there’s so many possibilities!

I just figured, since I’m so silly and childish, I could become a children’s writer,
Obviously I want to become a poet,

fun fact; did you know the queen has her own poet?

anyway, there’s so many opportunities out there!

So many different things I could be, it’s just a matter of working hard, and never giving up.

I used to have a set plan, I kinda still do, but it’s changed,

Yes I want to be a poet, but maybe more than just that,

I’ve thought about becoming an essayist, a speech maker, an advocate, a psychiatrist, a teacher, a lecturer,

See so many!

I really have no idea what I want to do with my life, I just want to keep the options open and not go down one single route, which is why I want to take subjects like literature and language and psychology,

I’m a geek, and have a natural love for learning new things,

I hate biology at school, yet I read a book about hormones for the fun of it, I make no sense,

I used to hate maths but this year has turned that around, I’ve been doing alot better and got an A* on my last test,

I’m only doing well in chemistry out of all 3 sciences, but I can only blame myself,

Everyone thinks I’m clever, all my targets are A’s.

I used to want to please everyone, but now I honestly don’t care, I figured it’s okay if I get a few B’s and not all A*s, it’s fine if I fail a science that I have no interest in, it’s fine if I don’t please everyone and please myself only,

It’s fine to have fun and be late to class, because school is meant to be fun, not always work,

I’m not saying it’s okay to rebel, and cause havoc in class,

I do behave at school, though not always, my records are mostly clean,

I have a million possibilities waiting for me, I just have to grab one, or maybe more 😉

I feel free.



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