A message to the youth of today and the shy kids at the back of the class.



I thought I may as well write an entry whilst I’m still feeling good, as I know this feeling of euphoria may not last.

When I’m in one of these moods, I look back and wonder why I’m so sad all the time. I wonder why I’m always so lethargic and dejected, and how I came to be such a lost soul; I wander why I can’t be like this all the time. I know that we as humans will never be completely happy, and we’ll never have the perfect life we wish we did because that isn’t how the world works. When you think about it, we have an education and get pushed through the school system for several years, and then we get released into the real world without any proper life skills; that’s why people end up depressed. Or one of the reasons anyway.

In schools now…

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