Happy New Year! Hoping this year will get better and that I have many more years of happiness and health,

Right now my younger cousin is sleeping in my arms,

Now don’t you dare say ‘awwww’ because this is a little bit…. overwhelming?

This particular cousin is my mother’s sister’s daughter, I don’t really get on with my mum’s family, they always seem to think I’m something I’m not, they basically don’t understand me as a person,

The weird thing is, having this cute little kid in my arms makes everything seem better,

I don’t know what it is, we aren’t even that close, I see her like 4/5 times a year, and she lives right opposite my house!

I mean jeez, this whole thing is freaky, but in a good way,

I don’t even know, =/

but somehow, this snoring isn’t annoying me as other children would, (I hate kids), it’s comforting me, because life could be a lot better than what it is, I won’t go in to details, but yeah I’m kinda sad,

maybe it’s just part of the mood swing but I feel strangely better,



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