Hellow and happy friday! ^_^

Today I am baking, like literally this second,

I’m putting flour all over the keyboard, oops :/

and we can’t find the tins -_- damn it, this is annoying me,

I’m writing in between mixing, so 🙂

uhm today’s been a bore, except it wasn’t as depressing as yesterday, I

Yesterday was baaaaaaaaaaad,

Oh well, it’s best not to live in the past,

Uhm, my brother is now smoothing out the mixture (we found the tins!) and talking in his monotonous voice about god knows what (I always blank out when he talks)

Now he’s licking the bowl

did I mention he’ll be 18 in a week? Yeah well, it’s always been this way, me acting the oldest when I’m not, and him acting the youngest when he’s not.

Oh! I might be going  to Spain in February! Yippee,

I haven’t travelled since last Summer, which was when we went to Filey as a family, and before that me, my father and my brother went to Wales to go zipwiring in Snowdonia,

If you don’t know what zipwiring is, google it,

Anyway, we’re now starting the second cake, which will be a rose cake, we’re planning on baking 3 different cakes,

1- a classic victoria sponge (which my brother would like to give to someone)
2- a rose cake (which I’ve never made before)3- a mocha cake (which is AMAZING, last time I made it we ate it within an hour, I was so proud)


I dunno anymore so ba bye for now, 🙂


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