Is anyone actually sane? Is everyone mad?

Do we all have dual personalities?

Do we all become different people every single day?

Are our minds ever truly stable?

I just finished reading Alice in Wonderland, and now I believe I have turned into the mad hatter,

I’ve always loved the disney movies and decided to read the actual book, I LOVED IT, I think I’ll read it a few more times just to get it into my head,

I love the concept of wonderland, and the fact we never reall know whats going on in the book, one second Alice is small, then she’s tall, then she’s small, then she’s growing, then she’s a giant, then she’s having tea, then she’s at the Queen’s court, it’s absolutely bonkers!

My two favorite characters are The Mad Hatter { who I will be dressing as on book day}

and the cheshire cat :3

A few quotes I adore for you my few dear readers, 🙂

crazy im not all there myself imagination


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