Sleep & Coffee, Forget Food.

Last night I crashed, utterly crashed,

My body went into death mode, and as soon as I got home from mosque I went straight to my room, ignoring my parents and  siblings entirely, just straight to bed.

I didn’t want to eat because I felt sick, but I guess that started at school because we had a discussion about France, and let me tell you, THAT was emotional, but forget that for a tiny bit, that made me mentally sick, unable to think of anything else, I entirely blanked out at mosque and got shouted at for doing so, I couldn’t explain why otherwise I’d have burst into tears, and that’s pretty embarrassing in public.

The discussion:

It was mainly about France, and our opinions towards the shootings.

Let me state my opinion clearly because hell, this is my blog,

Okay I completely understand that the cartoon was meant to be satirical, and it angered me that people took personal offence from the cartoons. I, as a muslim, took no offence whatsoever, I mean IT IS SATIRICAL DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT? THE CARTOONIST SURELY DID NOT MEAN ANY OFFENCE, For God’s sake!

I felt like one of the only muslims in that room with bloody common sense,

There were about 4 of us who were on one side of the argument and the rest of the class against us, 3 of us muslim, and 1 humanist, (My close friend, the girl I call bluey in my posts)

Bluey was close to tears, I was close to tears, hell I don’t even know, we were all so worked up, so angry, so emotional!

A girl did actually break down into tears,

BUT that’s not the point, the two sides of the argument were that

1) the cartoonist was to blame because his cartoon was offensive (UTTER BULLSHIT)

2) The cartoonist was not to blame at all, for he had the right of free speech, he was entitled to his own opinion as is everyone (YES)

I, as a human, believe that without the freedom of speech we would not be free, we would not be a functional democracy,


On a calmer note, I’d like to say, I am proud of the world, we united against the terrorists in france with a simple hashtag #JeSuisCharlie.

Even if humans are terrible, humans are utter idiots sometimes, but in times of need, we all pull together regardless of race, religion or gender, we all help each other out, because in the end, we are all human, we are all equal,

Yes we will argue, we will disagree, we will have our differences, but it is important that regardless of disagreement, we still respect each other as equals,

I would hate to see another world war, because we should learn from our mistake, we must never ever have another war as bad as WWII. Never.

That’s me as a  pacifist speaking^^^

uhm, I think that’s about it, I won’t go on and on, this is enough for me and my blog, I’d like to share the Asterix cartoons drawn in respect for the Charlie Hebdo magazine, Asterix was one of my favourites as a kid,

France is somehow in my blood, even if none of my family originate from France, I love french, the culture, the passion, the protests, I love France and I always will. I will always remember the 7th of January, it is a day to remember, RIP charliemoi aussi je suis un charlie!

Au revoir et Prendre Soin ❤


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