My Weird Paris Jumper

I woke up today feeling in pain, maynn, mentally and physically,

I think it’s the fact that I didn’t eat properly yesterday? :/

I dunno, but yeah this post is just for the sake of blogging, no specific subject,

I think without coffee, I’d be dead,

Also I went to the library yesterday and got a ton of books! Including one on time travel! 🙂 Makes me so happy,

No, it’s not sad that books make me smile, that thousands of words bound together by a title can make me happier than lets say people?

Haha, not -_- I dunno

I feel up and down and all over the place,

I now wish to talk about my hair,

As I wish to remain kinda half anonymous on this blog, I will not ever post a picture of myself, so I will instead give you a description,

I have a round-ish face, I’m pale even though I have indian heritage, I apparently have a button nose, I have lips obviously, I have brown eyes that look awesome in the sunlight, I have dark dark brown hair that looks almost black but I wear a headscarf on a daily basis, in winter (right now), my nose goes red for absolutely no reason and my lips get even redder than usual. Weird I know,

I’d say I look like a potato, but that seems to be just me, I see the resemblance, seriously

Uhm, right my hair, okay, if I was allowedto dye it I’d dye it halfway red going to pink so it kinda looks like fire, but since my parents won’t let me I’m waiting till I’m 18, when I will also peirce my nose and upper ears. My hair’s really long, it reaches to my butt, (laugh here) and is extremely annoying to wash and dry and straighten, luckily I wear a headscarf ^_^ so I don’t really have to straighten it often, uhmm I don’t know whether my hair is wavy or straight or curly because it keeps changing (odd I know) but apparently when I was a kid I had curly hair, but right now at 15, it’s wavy, it used to be straight though, hmmm

This post is called ‘My weird paris jumper’ because I’m wearing it today, and I can’t come up with anything more creative since my mind is blank due to the fact that it’s Sunday,

But yesterday, back to the library,

I love the silence of the library, I love the books stacked against the walls, all in order, all in specific sections, I love the library,

At my local library you can go upstairs to this kinda hidden balcony place which leads to the art gallery, where there are sofas and coffee tables where you can just read in peace, without kids wandering off from the kids section (very annoying when you’re trying to concentrate on an essay)

I went up there yesterday for literally 10 minutes and just sat and wrote a few poems, it was so calming, especially after the week I’ve just had (not going into details, I’m over it)

Uhmmmmaaa, I dunno what else, I think I might be getting addicted to coca cola because my mum bought a 24 pack of bottles the other week and I’ve just been sneaking downstairs at 11 getting a bottle almost every night, (shhh don’t tell anyone)

Oh, I’m going out to eat with my family tonight, I don’t know where, but it’s been a while, and I can’t wait to see my baby cousin because she’s just so damn cute, but I’m kinda wondering what to wear,

I have some homework which I should be getting on with instead of blogging, but oh well,

I got my grades at school on Friday, I’m not meeting any of my targets, but surprisingly it didn’t bother me because I know I’m working hard, and no one else knows, so inside I feel successful even if my grades aren’t on point, also I got ‘talked’ to at mosque, but that simply annoyed me so I blanked out while the teacher was talking, more than once, :/

I think I should stop now so

adieu et prendre soin! ❤


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