You know what? You’re Lovely

A Sinatra title for y’all, 🙂

I have my beloved coffee in hand now, I feel so much better, school sucks the life outta meh!

maynn, this is probably going to be a short post, I’m just kiling time, so I don’t break down,

everytime I’m alone I get sucked into my thoughts, my brain is a vaccum *__* new concept

haha, no,

uhmmmmmmm, I love sinatra, he my guy bro B|

ooookay, I feel weird,

I need to get changed, pray, and just get on with my day, can’t let one person stop me from being my usual awesome self now can I? 😛

mayn, I’m so glad I have friends, so glad to be surrounded by love, and idiots that make me laugh,

blessed in so many ways,

every cloud has a silver lining!

and with that the crazy girl vanished, well she ran off laughing hysterically >.<



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