Yellow Ribbon & Unseen Snow


I know it’s been a while, but I just didn’t feel like typing, or writing, or doing anything really,

Let me start at the start, or maybe is it the middle?

there’s a lot to talk about, got a feeling that I won’t finish it all,

Today I gave someone a note, tied with yellow ribbon, hence the title, and she gave me a note back 🙂


lol, there I was thinking there was nothing to talk about,

uhmmmm, it doesn’t bug me par say, it just shocks me, my life is literally more boring than a rock, no really now,

okay, so she gave me a note and we’re on the road to friendship now hurrah, la de da de da, yay idek

but before that, hmmmm, english? or maths?

lets start with my english lesson,

so we were doing the usual genius analysis thing on Ophelia, and then I felt like contributing, idk, so I repeated my theory on Polonius ~I’m talking about Hamlet~ and then the class starts laughing, looking at me, and laughing,

this only just happened about an hour ago okay? I’M SO CONFUSED,

I’m beginning to detest my english class, the people, not bluey, not everyone, just about half of them, WHO NEED TO LEARN WHAT RESPECT IS!!!

I am genuinely nice to people, I do it out of kindness, not so I can bitch about them later on, I am actually nice!

I smile at strangers and try cheering people up,

but that does not mean that  I do not have feelings?!

I just blanked out after that, wandered around the classroom, browsed the mostly empty bookshelf,

and then the bell rang,

so everyone packs up and goes, but being me, I’m always the last person to leave class,

I’m about to walk past and something like this happened: (my name will be zebra for anonymous reasons)

him: “Zebra, is everything alright?”

Me: “uhmm, yeah, why sir?”

my mind at this point was panicking,

Him:”because you don’t seem like yourself, I mean I taught you 2 years ago, and you were always bursting to answer questions, always concentrating and doing your work, now I’m not saying that you’re a bad student, you’re not, I’m just a little befuddled as to why you’ve changed, I  get that you’ve matured, but is there a different reason?”

Me : “………….”

Him: “you don’t have to tell me, but I am here for you, you can tell me if you want to”

(he looked at me, knowing that I was hurt)

Me: “If I said it was the people would that be wrong?”

Him: ” what working with people or…?”

(I shook my head no)

Him: “well I guess that would be understandable, I know what they’re like, and I know you, I mean I’ve read your poetry, marked your stories, read your essays, I know what you’re capable of”

Me : “well it’s just that every time I say something they either denounce it or tell me it’s wrong, or give me that look”

Him: “nothing you ever say is wrong, uhmmmm, it’s different, and from another point of view, and it’s a good thing to see life from another point of view”

(I nod at this point, trying to keep my voice from cracking, and trying to keep from crying)

Him: “Zebra, you are different, your ideas are original and you shouldn’t let them put you down, you shouldn’t let them stop you from saying your ideas because if you did say them out loud, it would not only help you but help them too, and if they choose not to listen, well that’s their fault, in life we can’t control what people like and dislike, but if they dislike you and your ideas well that’s their fault. not yours”

Me: “uhmmm” (smiles awkwardly)

Him: “okay, that’s all,”

Me : “thanks sir”

Him: “no problem, see you on monday”


focusing on breathing I made it to registration, and that’s when I received the note with the yellow ribbon,

and it really made me smile, so right now I want to laugh and cry at the same fudging time -_-

hmmmm, I need to eat something, before the canteen closes, so ba bye peoples

thank you for reading my boredom, I shall fill you in on the rest after school if I get time

bien venue

au revoir ❤ 🙂


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