Apple Juice & Icing Sugar


We’re going home from school in about 18 minutes!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


whoop, I can go home, sleep, eat, dance, sleep, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

and I’ve decided to go on a short walk with a good friend or two ^_^

just finished my coffee,

this is called apple juice and icing sugar for no damn reason, :/

uhmmmm, I feel good, like I don’t want to cry anymore, I just want to dance and hug people, random people? haha

I am ill! 😦 sneezing every 10 seconds, coughing so loud it causes earthquakes, genuinely exploding

but not so ill, I’m carrying on, going to mosque and school, doing revision and homework 🙂 I’m a good student now ^_^

I just had an exam, I feel good about it, luckily I did revise a tiny tiny bit, but I find chemistry easy anyway.

what’s your worst ever subject? (mine’s biology)

I started writing a silly children’s story in english and I made some good points, ignoring the glares of the class 😛

Hey now I want to go to the park and lie in the snow, and I want to go home, get into my PJs, curl up in bed with tons of coffee and chocolate and snacks and of course my notebook,

and just write.

for writing is bliss

on that note ba bye 🙂


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