Angry Angry la la Angry

Do you ever feel angry at everyone and everything for no absolute reason?

c’est moi, :/

I haven’t been blogging very much recently because I basically have no time, right now I’m supposed to be doing my mosque work, but I guess that I can do that in biology,

I feel music speaks when the silence gets too loud….

For fucks sake!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I wrote tons of poetry recently, my inner voice has finally surfaced! Hallelujah! 🙂

I feel annoyed at everything, like remember the teacher who asked me what was wrong last week? All my friends seem to bitch about him even though he is actually a very nice teacher! Why can’t they just shutup?!


I got juice squirted in my face yesterday, it was meant to be a joke, but it seriously pissed me off

uhm, I made up this quote last night,

“They tell me to think outside the box, but the thing is, for me there was no box to begin with…”

I like being different, but it gets annoying when no one else sees it from your point of view even when you try being as empathetic as possible,

oh well, after I finish school I won’t have to deal with this, and pfft since when did I care what they thought?

Let me just live the way I wish to live, and be happy

my one goal

BE HAPPY! 😀 ^_^

adios amigoes

❤ love ya for reading my randomness   ❤


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