The Literature Mind

Many people, and friends, have told me that I have this ‘literature’ mind,

I seem to see everything as a metaphor, or I see the deeper meaning in everything,

I guess that’s cool in a way,

to me this is a good thing, it will help me become a writer, and a better poet, šŸ™‚

however, I still can’t manage to get A’s for essays, I have no clue why,

it’s the irony of life I suppose, :/

I’m listening to Fall Out Boy by the Way, they’re awesome!

Slowly the stress of this pending essay is getting to me, sloooowly,


Two seconds ago I wanted to fly around, now I want to hide,

moodswing? Maybe?

Mental breakdown? aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

I don’t know what’s stopping me, I just can’t write this yet, but I have to

I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know

it seems I’m always there to motivate everyone else, but when I need motivation? -_-

akh people annoy me



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