I Surprise Myself

If I choose, I can actually work, if I put my mind to it that is, if there are no distractions and no one bugging me.

Well, this must be why people think I’m clever!
hmm, this stress free weekend is really freaking me out, there’s nothing to worry about,

So I took the opportunity to clean out my wardrobe,

it looks so much better 🙂

My life seems to be taking an upturn, it’s smiling, FINALLY!

I may cook dinner later on tonight, only if I’m up to it, that is, if I can come up with anything simple to cook,

I love wearing guys clothes :3 they are just so comfortable

My hair seems to be changing colour every week, which is fascinating for about 5 minutes


I have made new rules for the upcoming week,

so I’m feeling very motivated, organised,


Also, I’m going to Tunisia in April! 😀

I can exercise my french, and learn some new arabic, which as a linguist I am looking forward to,

I can wear my sandals again! 🙂

I will make sure to take looooadsa photos for you guys, my dear few readers,
and that will be a very long post indeed,

oh! I can finally use my travel journal, (which I got as a gift from China)

I love Dr.Seuss, to this day his stories stick with me ^_^


Game on!



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