Everything Has Changed Within The Blink Of An Eye

I just wonder, when people read my blogs do they just want to slap me?

Yesterday I looked through some old conversations from one or two years ago.


Wait, I want to buy fruit, let me buy fruit,

*10 minutes later*

I have fruit now,

I feel much better with this odd apple in my hand, I have weird cravings sometimes >.<

okay, so I didn’t do my loooong blog post yesterday, I simply could not be bothered.

I am still sliiightly ill, but well enough to be here at school, bored out of my mind,

Now that I think about it, 15 years isn’t that long, It has flicked by so fast, I feel so young O.O

yet so very old

ahh the sweet sweet paradox of my teenage life,


I just wonder, when people read my blogs do they just want to slap me?

I am so so so annoying, SO ANNOYING,

meh, I’m going to carry on stuffing my face with oreos and blogging for the rest of my life,

mwahahaha -_-

I have nothing to talk about but so much is wandering in my brain, SO MUCH

grr, people, I hate people, people are just so people-y why have they got to be so people-y!?

Why can’t they just be un-people-y like me? and like the rest of us weirdos, blogging at lunchtime because we have nothing better to do!

Remember one of my first posts, where I introduced everyone? Since then we (the hobos) have acclaimed a new soul, her name shall be, Soda, for anonymity of course.

She is ill, and dying in the corner right now, :/

Lunchtime has almost ended, see time has passed way too fast, way way too fast,

there are only 60 days of school left, and 11 days till I run away to Tunisia,


Adios ❤


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