Random Happy Stuff

Random happy stuff okay,

Ice cream, cherry flavored fizzy drinks, Travelling, MALAWI, the hobos, pens, notebooks, poetry, pink, rainbows, fairies, magic, sunshine, moonlight, dancing, kissing, hugging, loving, laughing so hard you think you’re going to die, good hair days, good face days, good scarf days, hot days where you just lie around being a starfish, music, giggles, sugar rushes, cold days with coffee, iced coffee, coffee, COFFEE, Oreos, food in general, steak, chips! popcorn, movie days, salmon, tuna and cheese melties, cake, pianos, singing, paint, showers, being childish, dreaming, stitch, Disney movies, cuddly toys, lollen’s hair, daisy chains, bracelets, rings, soda’s hugs, CANDY, lollipops, chocolate, fraternity, Pluto,Taii’s sexy looks, Soma’s cuteness, Aas’ shortness, Elam’s randomness,

I have a new life plan, it is such a good life plan,

like really,

I mentioned it in yesterday’s post, but it really makes me happy thinking about my future life 🙂

YAY, I feel good, for once in my fucking life, I feel good,

even though I have problems, I have stress, I have shit to deal with, but still, oh well,


Only one week to go until I’ll be chilling in Tunisia with my famalam, getting no tan whatsoever, eating tons of ice cream and looking like a tourist ^_^

Tonight, I’m going to my auntie’s for dinner, that will be fun,



adios ❤


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