No Longer Pretending

How To Start Your Sunday:
Flirt with (girl) friends

Hellow there!

Well, yesterday, after my breakdown  I had a very good day, laughing, talking, not actually having to pretend, I decided, no more pretence.Even with my family, no more pretence, I am a teenager.

I may or may not have a mental issue, if I do, I will find out once I am 18 when I will book myself an appointment with a psychiatrist.

I am on the ball, no more worrying about what my parents will say,
I will cry when I want to, I will laugh at death, because when I do die,
I will pay for my own sins, I will. I am a teenager, I can have violent moodswings,
I can mentally kill people if I wish to do so,I can laugh for no reason,

I can if I want to, because I am still growing,I can make as many goddamn mistakes as I want to,

I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it, I can, I will,so anyone who says I can’t can go die,  🙂

Oh I am such a nice person if you met me on a good day,

On a bad day I’ll curse at your family, your dog, and of course you.

I am a philanthropic misanthropist,

an unfathomable paradox,

a yellow cloud,

I am a cream puff, who writes poetry, and will be known as a poet long after she dies.

Yes, indeed, this youth is madness, beloved insanity,

I no longer have to plaster a smile on my face, I can hide behind my mascara, I can lie through my teeth, and you’ll believe the sweet poisin that leaves my rasberry flavoured lips,

what inspired this post you may ask? My newfound rebellion 🙂

They’ll never take me alive, 😀 Damn I feel newy new, so much is out there for me, I have so much planned ^_^

I could scream in happiness right now, but an hour later I’ll be sobbing into my pillow,

I don’t care anymore, I can deal with moodswings, with killer migraines,
I can deal with heartbreak after heartbreak, loss after loss,

people leave, but what will you have left? Yourself. So make sure you can rely on yourself, be independent.

Oh did I mention, I’m 15? Yes, an ambitious 15 year old crazy girl, who is determined to go far in life,

I will help humanity see their oblivious oblivion, and I will change the world, with words.

No violence.

~Words are the way forward.~

adios ❤


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