I can’t be bothered thinking up a proper title

Ahhh, the life of a 15 year old, I procrastinate way way too much,

I’m meant to be cleaning my wardrobe, I’ve done most of it but now I want to go through my scarf box and re-organise, but :/


I have a ton of revision, and homework, and stuff, but naaa,

I’m sat with my cousins right now, banter :’)

I came down for coffee, but saw that the laptop is free, so yay, blog time.

hmmm, I did some ‘voluntary’ work today, for the sake of my CV, (basically, stood around looking bored, taking money from kids to go on a bouncy castle)
I’m thinking of joining this magazine thing, for women, I want to write a monthly column, but I am kinda anxious, because I hate journalism, and because I’M FIFTEEN, so my writing will be very immature in the eyes of the elderly,

also, I have no idea what to write about, I wanted to start a new story the other day but decided against it because I wouldn’t finish it,

the novel (which is supposed to be finished next month) has gone to hell, I don’t even work on it anymore, it’s seriously dead, meep.


-_- family -_- (they are in the kitchen, where the coffee is, arguing about stuff)

I look a mess right now, my eyeliner has long been smudged, but oh well 🙂

It feels amazing not to care about how you look to other people, ^_^

hmmm, I need to personalise this blog, then finish cleaning, then sleep? or do homework, not like it’s important or anything, ha ha, -_-

so adios people


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