Sticky Notes

Heyyy! It’s fridayyyy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


I put up these sticky notes all around school, and I think I’ll make it a friday tradition,

They say pretty lame but sweet things, and they generally make people smile,

last time I did them was Valentine’s Day 2014

BUT! I got shouted at 😦 by some teacher that doesn’t know me?

I was about to cry, and take them all down but on my way, I heard this other teacher asking who the poster was, and that they were really sweet.

I was walking behind her, and she didn’t even realise >.< hehehe

So no, I am not taking them down, 😛

I like making people smile, ^_^ even if I don’t know them.

hmph, doing nice things like this is why I live,

adios ❤


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