.Crying Over Carpet.

My breakfast today:
~Painkillers ,
~Half a cereal bar.


No, I did not get drunk last night, I just woke up with the same headache that I went to sleep with,
(maybe the headache is my lover, lol no.)
and I knew if I didn’t take painkillers ASAP it would proceed into a quiet screaming migraine.
And that wouldn’t have been a good idea as
a.) school,
b.) I had an exam first thing in the morning,

So yeah.

I’m beginning to worry again, about my headaches :/
I need to change topic fast,

Oh, the exam! It was my poetry exam, i.e I had to compare two poems which I’d previously annotated, and write a small essay on an unseen poem,

The unseen poem was Symptoms, by Sophie Hannah,

It was an exceptional exam, I think I really did well.


urgh, I don’t want to be sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m getting pissed off. with myself?

I don’t know if my future is bright anymore,  I feel like a failure and the test has barely begun.


My carpet arrived yesterday, I’m worried it doesn’t match,
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry over frikkin carpet,
but I’m close to doing just that.

Yesterday, one of my good friends asked if I wanted to talk, I said no,
I should’ve said yes :/

I’m gonna go be a starfish now,

bye; ❤


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