Jelly & Icecream

hey people,

It has been a tiring day so far,

I woke up fairly early, then went to pick up my fwend, mayam :3 (yes she has the same name as me.)

Yeah it took us 10 years just to find her house,

then we moved most of the furniture down, reorganised some stuff, moved all my clothes,

Damn very tiresome, mayam has been here since 10am, it is now 5pm.

7 hours.

of work.


My carpet came on thursday and yeah, it is yellow, it is bright, and beautiful 🙂

We just ate jelly & icecream hence the title.

I have an exam tomorrow, that I will not revise for, until an hour before :/

my school holiday has officially started. but not my mosque holiday 😥

everyone is now in my room, it is too loud, me no likey

ekh kids -_-

uhmmmm, nothing is new, I had a short breakdown last night, nothing major, just over thinking and crying,

But fortunately I feel better now.

I think I should stop blogging and carry on moving my stuff down,


adios ❤


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