Tunisia, My Awesome Photography

I wrote this aaaaaaaaages ago, and never published it so here it is πŸ™‚

well hello there folks,

I am back! From my week-long break in Tunisia!!!

I am now giving you a day by day account of what happened, where I went and what I did, as well as tons of photos of course! πŸ˜€


DAY 1 Sunday 5th April

We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon, and went straight to our rooms to change and shower,
the flight was horrid, I stayed up all night because we set off for the airport at 1am and the drive was terrible too πŸ˜₯

I got to Tunisia with bloodshot eyes and was drunk with fatigue,

we then stayed at the hotel, I explored a little bit, our room had a balcony, I started taking photos,

I found this cat outside, it (unsure of gender) liked me ^_^


uhmmm, I think we went for a coffee, I don’t remember very well, it was beautiful, but as soon as we stepped off the flight the first thing I smelt was tobacco, my disgust for smoking made me want to puke, but fortunately I did not ^_^


We then had dinner at the hotel, the food was delicious, and what’s more was THE DESSERT, it was awesome ^_^


After dinner we went for a walk, we discovered the port, it was calming, the mediterranean sea in the background,
IMG_0085 IMG_0092

DAY 2 Monday 6th April

We had breakfast, the coffee was disgusting and way below my standards, but oh well, IMG_0124

then we went for a walk again, to the port (Port El Kantaoui) and I discovered this awesome car

IMG_0219 IMG_0140

I found these plates cool too


We went back to the hotel and had a rest, but then went for another walk in the opposite direction of the port,

IMG_0285 IMG_0295 IMG_0297

We went to the port, walking of course, it was amazing,Β  and when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING, the sea air made me feel alive, and I haven’t felt alive in a long long time,
It was also picturesque, all the boats bouncing on the deep blue waves,


we ate lunch at a restaurant near the port, the food was good but in TINY portions,

We went back, had dinner and watched a Bond movie πŸ™‚

DAY 3 Tuesday 7th April

We went toΒ  Kairouan, it was an unecessarily spontaneous trip, but hell we went,

we found this old mosque thing, and learnt some stuff, but I didn’t want to learn, so I just took pictures of stuff,

IMG_0363 IMG_0369

From here I don’t really remember much, I did go quadbiking,


I went to my aunties hotel quite a few times. I think now I’ll just post a bunch of photos, just to show off πŸ˜›






I saw this arabic graffiti, it made me feel awesomely young >.<




I took so many photos of the sky that I had an album dedicated to it,




I also went to the market in sousse, it was such fun! There I bought a hand made scarf, ruby red, and I ate the best kebab in the universe.


I do remember going to this awesome masjid, I went to a mausoleum too, which wasn’t bleak, but beautiful, and I made a bunch of memories!






I went to a mosaic museum, which was sorta boring, but I saw a lot of cool old stuff.


This was on a train ride, I saw the ‘broken sunset’, thought it looked quite artistic.



I went on a boat trip too,


This was on one of the many walks me and my family took, to pass time in all truth, but Tunisia is really pretty, I came across a cute little coffee shop just around the corner,


one of my best memories was the day all the women wore red lipstick, it was cool, and we looked chique!


I saw this perfume at the airport, I realised when I got home that I have the miniture version of it! Whoda thunk it?


It was a heck of a lot of fun I must say, I do miss it, and I wish I’d bought more nougat!!!



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