Akh, What Am I Doing?

I woke up earlier today :/

maynnnn, idek,

I feel numb. Very numb.

I have accomplished my french work, I  enjoyed it surprisingly,
I have not accomplished anything else,

apart from my wonderful hair :3 washed, blow dried and well conditioned, it is now a blob placed neatly on my head.

hmmm, I asked my mum to make kebabs and chickpea salad for dinner, just thinking about it makes me hungry,  I have 6 hours to go!

I’m now just avoiding all my homework, and all people, and generally being a potato.

Lollen wanted to be mentioned, so yeah I’ve pretty much mentioned her, since school blocked this site -_-

In less than 5 months I’ll be 16. Holey moley. 1 and a 6!

This time next year I’ll have finished my exams, O_O

This time in 2 years I’ll have finished my first year of 6th form/college :O

Mayn, the way time flies, let’s not think about it,

I haven’t been writing recently, which makes my heart drop, but I think soon the words will come. Soon.

My little brother is playing with my little cousin, who is a girl, and this is very unusual, because for some reason as soon as kids turn 9 the opposite gender becomes a crime.

but they’re playing, it’s cute actually. :3

As much as I hate kids, they do make me smile sometimes.

My back is killing me, I need to get a pillow, but it’s oh so far ;__; the struggles of being a potato.

The room smells of ironing O_O steammm

I think I should stop blogging now,


byes bye


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