Rain, Sleeping Clouds and Kenyan Tea


As much as I complained about it, looking back, Castleton was a fun day out, we made a lot of funny memories. That is a panorama from the top of the hill we climbed *___*

We didn’t actually do as much work as was planned on the day, because the rain demolished our work booklets, so sorrynotsorry to my geography teachers.

anywho, today was so slow! I finished up the rest of my exam in less than an hour, so I took a nap, obvs,and woke up with weird marks on my face due to my jumper.

We had another speaker come in at school, she is an accountant who loves horses and persevered no matter what.

The sky gradually became darker as the day went on, and eventually rained after mosque.

I instantly went to sleep after mosque, because something about the rain just makes me want to sleep,

I keep getting distracted, oops,

uhmmmm, what else? I think I’m putting on weight, even more reason to start running again,

I am no longer in need of caffeine everyday,

the headaches don’t annoy me as much anymore,

someone actually said that I seem happier these days, which is good ^_^ because I am.

I cry a lot less, šŸ˜€

I think I’ve accomplished a lot within these last few months,

so yayyyy




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