That Romantic Crap.

I am 15. I am a muslim. I am straight.

I have had my ups and downs with romantic relationships I must say,

but part of growing up taught me, I am way too young for all of that crap.

therefore, the loves of my life: food, coffee and my friends.

Any guy who bothers me, will simply get ignored,
because let’s face it, what’s the point in me fooling around, getting caught, getting into serious trouble with my parents and giving my family shame?

I mean yes, I’m a teen, I have all these hormones buzzing inside of me, all this lust,

however, I won’t let that rule my life.

Right now I have to focus on being myself, being a better human being, giving some good to the world, getting published, living my life to the extreme and having fun.

I have my whole life ahead of me, a hormone crazy boy will not ruin that under any circumstances.

Someday I will get married, yes I have planned my entire wedding day, but only because I want it to be perfect, and I want myself to be happy and not have any regrets on that day.

Being in love with life itself, (sometimes hating it too) is what I want right now.

I do hope someday I’ll have my fairytale marriage, I’ll have a beautiful home and a couple of rugrats, but right now,

I just need to be me.


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