Books make me so so happy!

After spending my night reading, and waking up and reading, until now, all in all about 9 hours reading,

I am in such high spirits!

I finished “Simon vs the homosapien agenda” last night, and am currently in the middle of “read me like a book” and “the best exotic marigold hotel”

and let me tell you, books are humanities best friends.

I have had a routine, which has entirely gone to hell, I seriously am too hyped for homework, it’s all due not on monday so it’s fine ^_^

I feel seriously good, I should do this more often, I mean it’s 4:35pm on a sunday afternoon and I’m in bed, in my jim jams with a pile of books next to me 🙂

The words have simply put my soul at rest,

after months of tossing and turning in bed, I decided I should just stay up and read to my heart’s fulfillment.

ahhh, the joys of a trip to the library,

I am now fantacising about food *__* Funny thing is when it’s actually time to eat, I’m not hungry -_-

annoying much?

hmmmm, I am now incredibly bored and debating whether I should bath or read or sleep.

It’s a slow day :/

I should go be productive



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