Wrinkley Fingers, Curly Hair & Jim Jams


This weekend has been amazingly relaxing, I don’t even know how! :O

I’m loving it, I just got out of the shower and am now smelling the smell of a roasting chicken in the oven…. mmmmmm foooood *___*

I now have 2 hours left!

No, I haven’t done any work for school or mosque, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less,

The amount of stress right now is about 5% normally it’s 99.9999999999%!

Sunlight is pouring through the window making my skin golden,

ah summer is so definitely here!!! >.<

There are only about 3 weeks of school left!!!! Life is so awesome right now, hoping there’s no catch! :/

I chose my Eid**** outfit yesterday, it looks cool B| I normally hate wearing asian clothes, but this is a chance to dress up right? To get my makeup out 😉

****Eid is the Islamic celebration at the end of the holy month of Ramadhaan

I’m looking forward to the colossal amount of baking to be done in the last few weeks, and then the errand-running 🙂

We have this tradition, we make like 1000 plates full of biscuits, sweet things and cake slices, and we send them out to family, neighbours and friends. I love it so much ^_^

And then I’ll bake a cake to eat after the family lunch, :3 last year I was extremely proud of the outcome,

Yes I can bake, very well, but no I can’t cook to save my life!

Oh well, my future family will have to live on cake, toast and oreos 😀

I really want to buy some new makeup, maybe some eyeshadow and lipstick,

My birthday is practically 4 months away, and it’s the big 16! So, I guess I can think about what I want for my birthday.

If I could talk in emojis, I would, but no one would understand me :/ not like they do anyways


I want to go and pray, and dry my awesome hair, so



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