If you haven’t heard, it is EXTREMELY hot where I live right now (England)

and aaaaaaaaaaargh, I feel like I’m sweating off my makeup :/ (is that even possible?)

jeez, I need a shower! but I thought I’d quickly give you guys some time 😉

Uhmmmm, My mood is kinda topsy turvy, ah the wonders of the 15 year old mind and heart,

Today we got our new ID pictures taken for school, I have a feeling mine will look cheesy as f but meh, everyone knows what I look like so what does it matter?

anywho, I WANT ICE CREAM, No that’s not what I was going to say,

I’m looking for the good in life, I see it, but it just seems so…bland? tasteless.

Life should taste sweet, but I’m just not sure anymore,


I can now go shower!



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