Orange Flowers on My Scarf

random ass title

Well hello there chappies

I feel drained, I was meant to have a nap, but decided to do a little bit of work.

Just got called cute? *___*

hmmm, I’m just sat here thinking of everyone, everything,

I now know how much words mean to me


meep. O______O

I went grocery shopping yesterday and now I have chocolate, oreos, sweets and sesame snaps stashed under my bed, even though I know I won’t eat all of them šŸ˜€

I put on weight recently, it was only 1kg, but it definitely makes the difference
which is why I desperately need to start running as soon as Ramadhaan ends.

I want to go back to when we shared secrets under a starlit sky

Really missing some people, and I just want to see them šŸ˜¦

maynnnnn, my dad’s gone back to Malawi, he’ll be back at the end of the month, the house seems so empty without him, wait what, no I never said that!

I’m going to ask him to buy me tons of dried mango and biltong ( halaal beef jerky) man that stuff tastes goooood

My stomach’s growling šŸ˜„

right, time for a nap mesays




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