Heat, Dizziness and the Smell of Food

Hello everyone!

It’s good to be back, I haven’t been anywhere but :/ My laptop’s broken so here I am, using my cousin’s

what to talk about?

How about me having SO MUCH WORK TO DO this weekend, and yet still I found time to go shopping ^_^

It is indeed very very hot,
I bought ribbon :3 and stationery and found these amazing shades in next, but unfortunately, one could not afford them

Uhmmm, yesterday was terrible, the week went downhill from tuesday, so I kinda jinxed it,

I’m hoping next week goes better though, ONLY 9 DAYS OF HELLHOLE SCHOOL LEFT

hmmm, it seemingly is going to drag since I have to finish the stupid geography controlled assessment.

there was a fire this morning, early at 1am, it was annoying more than anything, no one got hurt, but my sleep was ruined and I woke up looking like a ghost,

I finished the colour purple it has one amazing plot, meep, you wouldn’t expect half the things in that book from the title, they ought to change it,


my eyebrows are on fleek, like seriously, I recently learnt how to pencil them in, and I just love ’em!

I keep thinking it’s sunday today, man my sense of time has gone to hell,

I miss the waffles from the steakhouse in malawi, 😥 I wanna go hooooome (Malawi is my home)

I want a nose piercing, and I want my hair to be candyfloss pink

I feel like half the things I want are never going to happen, and that’s negative thinking so booooooo

I’ve started wearing my lipstick a lot more, I like it ^_^ it’s just really hard not to lick my lips.

I think this is enough,



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