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Bitten By the Buzzy Bug of Buzziness

Yes that is seriously my title for this post,

something is bugging me, correction SOMEONE, and it’s really hard to just ignore them -_- urgh

I feel so awfully quiet and yet I said way too much today,
I feel like I think so darn much, and yet I don’t think enough,


I thunk and thunk and thunk and then I thunk some more.

The 6th form thing was a bore, like seriously, BORING! BEING GROWN UP IS BORING!

I want a trampoline,

I just realised how often I’m left alone, it’s weird

I also realised how nice my skin is these days (APART FROM THE MASSIVE SPOT ON MY FOREHEAD)


what else?

My levels of self esteem just decrease as the days goes on, I wake up thinking “hey I look great, I feel great” and by 3pm all that goodness has diminished,


I want a kitten, like right now I could be playing with my kitten, but I dont have one -_- stupid parents

Imma go get ice cream if I can be bothered getting up, or maybe some coffee



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