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Earth As A Teenager

The intertwined mess that we call earth,

forever changing in her ways

a teenager you could say,

forever storming, brooding, showing the light of the sun through rare rainbows,

She is beautiful but a mess, she has been ruined by many, she has suffered many wars,

she beholds such knowledge, and yet she knows nothing,

Contains many a species,

a legitimate inquisition,

The moon orbits her like a lost boy,

She encircles the sun like a  wanderer, amongst many

so many thoughts, so many people, so many gods,
maybe none at all,

such hope, such downfall,

Growing, changing, learning, falling,

Earth, a home, the only one, to behold such God like beauty,

A teen like me, she has lived many lifetimes,

always asleep, always awake,



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