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I just spent about an hour ironing,
normally I hate housework of any kind, but I thought
“you know what? I’m sick of wearing un-ironed uniform everyday, let’s be independent for once”

So I just ironed and ironed, I quite enjoy it to be truthful, it’s so satisfying to see all the clothes uncrumpled and perfect,

My wrist finally began to ache so here I am typing 🙂

The honest truth is that I needed to calm myself down, so I concentrated on the ironing, thinking about everything that has happened today, everything that has pissed me off, and now I am calm ^_^

whilst ironing I found that
– My brother has some jeans that I need to steal sometime
– My mum wears more jeans than I do O_O
– My younger brother has this perfumey smell on his clothes, which is weird
– My sister has more uniforms than I’ve had in my lifetime, well she must be messy
– Uniform is ugly as hell!!!

I have had my coffee and my ice cream, so yay ^_^ I think I just needed some me time, alone from everyone and everything, not writing, or reading, or sleeping, but doing something productive, 🙂

I learn more about myself each and everyday, it is indeed fascinating!

That is all for now dudes,



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