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Fuzzy Peach & Sunsetting Skies

I am eating a peach that tastes of nothing, for no reason, it just looked good to eat,

Genetically modified fruit is just crap I must say, even though that is everything I eat,
When I do my own grocery shopping I’ll eat organic only, because this chemical infused shit gets on my nerves,

I did not mention before, but Ramadhaan has almost come to an end, EID IS THIS WEEK,

My mother has sewn (sewed? idk) my dress, I look terrible in it, but hey ho, eid is one of the festivities that I really dont give a crap about apart from the fact that there is food!


My bad mood has almost gone,

I am looking forward to that walk tomorrow, since the sun will be out (checked the forecast, I am slightly like a dog at times)

that reminds me, I have this friend, let’s call her A, she’s new to our hobo gang, partially anyways, and she has 4 huskys! 4! the point is, today she was kinda down, and she has these beautiful green eyes, and we normally do weird shit together, so we just kept staring into each others eyes, and damn, HER EYES! >.< :3

yeah, there was no point in me telling you that, but I love A because she makes me laugh in the weirdest ways,

like once we got bored so we got masking tape and taped our mouths shut and then wrote funny shit on the masking tape and took selfies,

and another time we made a long ass paperclip chain, and we skipped with it,

I guess she’s a good cheerer upper 🙂 and she acts like a puppy so yay ^_^

she could be our hobo mascot *_____*

anyways, I need to like stop now, so


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