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The Black Cloud

How I feel today: black

I feel annoyed, angry, moody, bitchy,

generally in a bad mood!

If I could walk around without my eyeliner getting smudged or my lipstick coming off, I would be so grateful, like please?!

I’m walking home from school tomorrow, this will take me an hour, along with park time, and messing about with my cousins ^_^

well that’s something to look forward to,

but today, well today I have sighed so many times I think I broke the world record! *sigh*

I guess I’m just fed up of feeling like this, TOMORROW IS OPERATION CHEER UP, I need to get rid of this cloud on my back!!!!


Summer is around the corner and I feel like it is going to be CRAP, because I want to go shopping, but every time I go I never find anything, and I want to go abroad 😥 but we’re going to staycation, and go to the lake district if possible,

*sigh* I’m wearing all black, because that is how I feel, -_- no I am not depressed,

Idk, I used to love colour, but now I just want to wear black, or remain in the dark, or just sleep

You know something surprising? I’m watching what I eat! why?! I have no clue,

I want nice hair, my hair is covered anyway, but I just want nice hair, hair that you hear about in songs, that kind of hair,


I just want to lie in some grass and talk to someone, but it feels like no one gives a fuck, seriously, everyone has their own shit to deal with,

I want to dance in the rain with someone I enjoy being with,

I want to eat wafflesssssssssss


enough rambling for now,


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