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Life is for

Life is for rainbows and dancing,

it’s for kisses, and love,

it’s for those days where everything is brilliant, and when it’s not,

Life is not for goodbyes, but see you soon,

Life is  for midnight crazies,

for giggles, for falling over your own feet,

for coffee and poetry, for reading and writing,

for oreos, and everything sweet

for lemonade, the pink kind,

Don’t waste it!!!!


One thought on “Life is for

  1. Strong cups of coffee, accompanied by biscuits, either plain digestives or those of the chocolate kind, preferably dark.

    Those occasional moments when you find yourself, that is, your body and mind, in complete accord with the Universe, and you wonder why most other times, it all seems so difficult.

    Animals, all of them, including the slimy and the slithery.

    Having most of your time free to do what you choose, even if you don’t know what to do. It has to beat the tyranny of work.

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