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The Stereotypical Teen

I’m constantly getting pissed off about this,

The stereotype that most adults place us in,

that all we do is sit around, drinking overpriced coffee blogging,


uhmmm, I mean

That all we do is swear, all that’s on our minds is sex and we don’t do anything to help the greater good of the world,

I mean EXCUSE ME!!

We do not! okay, maybe sometimes, but we are the future! Why not ask us what we want for a change?

We are teenagers, we are confused as hell, we have to deal with pressure put on us by everyone,
We need to learn so much, in such a sort space of time, I mean cut us some slack!

We need to look good, we need to act good, we need to be good,

and if we don’t we’re hated by everyone, slacked off by the media,

I mean, don’t you guys remember what it was like to be 15!?

Being a teenager is meant to be one of the best damn times of our lives, so why isn’t it?

Because we’re buried by societies’ expectations of us!

I know I can’t speak for all of us, we’re all different,

But why does it seem that most adults think that all we’re good for is getting pissed or pregnant?

Cut us some slack! Don’t judge the majority by the actions of the minority,

there are some of us who do care about more than how many likes our profile picture gets,

I guess all I want is to be respected as a young adult,

and not constantly shunned as a child.


7 thoughts on “The Stereotypical Teen

  1. I’m an introverted soul, whose teenage years were spent during a time when introversion hadn’t been invented. And so I thought I was broken, somewhat inadequate. Drink did the trick though, for short durations anyway. It made me feel I was one of the crowd. One of the boys. It came at a cost though.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t give advice, not that you asked for any. I hate being given it, so I try to be consistent. But I can wish you good fun dealing with this important part of your development šŸ˜‰

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  2. I’m not sure if you work or not at 15 but at 17/18, I work in retail and it’s such a pain when people treat you differently just because you’re younger! I had one guy who wouldn’t talk to me just because I wasn’t older! or an ‘expert’! Like, excuse me?

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