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Yesterday I watched “When Marnie Was There” By studio ghibli :3

I watched it alone, with subs, because dubs suck,

And yeah, it’s a beautiful story! Beautiful.

I would have cried, but halfway through I got interrupted by my demon little sister, explaining my post OHMYGOD yesterday,

ha, kids, gotta love em -_-

anyway, I love ghibli, always have, if you’re unsure as to wtf I’m talking about, they’re an anime movie making company, I’d say the best out there,

I’ve finished 2 out of 6 books from the library, 😀
“when bites” and “dept of speculation”

The first one was hilarious, and eye opening, the second, thought provoking and confusing,

huh, oh well, I’m on the third which is “after tomorrow” and it is indeed addictive,

My mother is nagging me to get out of my jim jams, and actually wear CLOTHES, but I think I’ve forgotten what CLOTHES are since, JIM JAMS RUUUUUULE,

yeah but she’s going to scream at me if I don’t go :/ hmmmmmm,

I want to be a hermit so so bad, if only starbucks did home deliveries and if only I hadn’t lost my kindle 😥

Some days I wish I was born in a different family, a different country, a different life altogether, that is extremely ungrateful so let’s not dwell,

but I am indeed turning into a class A blogger blob, this has to stop, but I like it 😦

mayn, my inertia is bad, very very bad,

I want  a pet,

hmmmm, I’m thinking about my glasses, collecting them on monday, I wonder if people will actually believe they’re mine since I always tend to steal other people’s glasses and say they’re mine, :/

I am beginning to hate the front view of my house, since my bedroom looks out on to it, but if I keep my blinds shut then no light -_- grrr

enough babbling,

I need to get off my butt and do something productive!


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