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Dad’s Coming Home

Since my dad’s coming home this weekend, I guess I should write about him,

I love my dad, he’s my ultimate hero, even though he is utterly hypocritical and sexist at times,

We used to be close, until my younger brother was born  I was spoilt rotten,
We sometimes still can be close, I was a tomboy for the first 7 years of my life,

But yeah, my dad has the ability to say exactly what I’m thinking, even though I haven’t said a word,

he knows me better than I know me, and he’s VERY over protective,

I know what ever stupid rules he makes up, they’re all to protect me,

but I think he just hasn’t realised I’m growing up, fast,

Maybe that’s all dads? Idk,

I have mixed feeling about my dads, I have shouted at him before, sworn at him, wanted to run away because of him, but

in the end, he’s my pops,

and I gotta love him?



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