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So… I’m uh, fine, right?

I honestly have no clue as to why I always feel like this,

tired of everything,

I’m glad we’re going to London, it will be a refresher, and we’re going to Flamingo Land tomorrow, which is a theme park, which I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO.

Let’s just say I’ve had so many bad experiences with theme parks in the past,


I haven’t written much, haven’t really felt like it to be truthful, :/ I don’t know what’s properly wrong, I just don’t believe there’s a point anymore *sigh*

Maybe it’s just a dip, but I feel fed up with life right now, I have no right to be angry at life, because it’s going so well, and I can admit that, but urgh, I just do.

Apart from that I’ve sorted out what I’m going to wear in London, it’s cute and chic, and makes me look grown up without looking old old,


I went shopping yesterday with Mother dear, and bought some cute stuff, but retail therapy doesn’t work since everything seems to remind me of something that makes me sad :/

I have started watching what I eat recently, but have stopped drinking as much water? oops ?!

I want to paint my nails, unsure



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