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Two people that have the same wants are two people that should be friendsShannon L. Alder

I too recognise the huge divide
The poor/the rich, the smart/the sluggish
But I also recognise the truth which is;
We were all born free
A few born to lead, the rest born to learn
This makes me ask more “irrelevant” questions.


For months now I have painstakingly followed the life of one of my favourite reader; A 15year old “adult” who was actually born to lead. I would call her “Maryam Doe” and this post is dedicated to this wonderful lady. Just like me, she is ever searching for answers, wanting to know why humanity is so so sick and why we have being forced to agree with society and it’s ugly primitive facets.
As usual, I would be joining her to ask a few more questions and hopefully answers…

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