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“You’re dangerously happy”

I thought I’d never say that to anyone,
guess I’m just used to life fucking me over :/

I swear it’s as though you give your all and get nothing in return,

you sacrifice so much, you try your best,

and still you end up with nothing. nil. zero.

It sucks, I swear it sucks, and I’m thinking back to last night, I cried myself to sleep,

Life is so sucky, SO SUCKY, it just hurts.

I’m trying to figure it out, why I’m like this, why everyone’s so judgemental,


It’s so scary,

I’m still that 12 year old, abandoned and scared, left alone in a foreign world, smiling out fake happiness,

I’m still that 13 year old, broken hearted, confused and angry,

I’m still that 14 year old, so depressed that I thought about suicide every second,

I’m still the 15 year old, learning, enduring, writing,



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