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Let’s Live It Up!

Come on! We’re still young! Even if you’re 60 you’re young!

Because no one is too old to have fun!

Let’s laugh and live and dance and love!

Let’s spread joy and humour, hug someone you like!

If you’re not a hugger do the whole I’m-kinda-trying-to-hug-you-but-not-actually-touching-you-thing

XD Can you guys tell I’m in a good mood? Can ya? Can ya?

Well my baking expedition went well, I iced the cake and 20 cupcakes out of 37! 🙂 [photos will be uploaded when I can be bothered]

Now I can take the cake to madressa and have fun! XD

I normally hate these funday things, but today will be different! I swear!

(I still haven’t done my english homework and woke up with spots all over my cheeks, but that won’t stop me from feeling good)




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