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Bullets Comin’ Off My Lips

I know I shouldn’t let the poison of toxic people affect me, and I don’t, well I try not to anyways,

But this week I’ve had quite a lot of criticism but I’m proud to say I let none of it break me, it pissed me off a lot, yes, but I didn’t let it actually wound me,

I didn’t let the words take me back to that dark place that I’ve worked so hard to climb out of,


This post however is directed to a few people, so the ‘you’ I’ll use, could literally be anyone,

You said I could call whenever I needed you, but now you say you’re too busy,
You said we’d make this work, but you barely ever ask me how I am,

I know this is a rough time for you, but did you never wonder if anyone else is going through a rough time too?

You call me ignorant, and uneducated, I think I’ve educated myself enough to know that reality is harsh, I know it is, I’m no longer naive, I no longer think the world is full of rainbows and sparkles, because it’s full off utter bullshit and war upon war,

That doesn’t mean to say I’ve changed as a person, I’m growing, as a human, and in my mind as well as others, that’s seen as a good thing,

I still remember my past, my roots, I don’t forget the hardships, I just don’t let them bother me,

I don’t cry over silly little things anymore, but once in a while a tear does slip, but I brush it away with a smile, because I know I’m getting somewhere,

I no longer only think of you, I think of myself and everyone else too,

I now know, I have to put myself first, and that’s not being selfish, that’s being real,

You and I both know, we’ll be together for quite a while, how long exactly? No one knows, but it will be an infinity within itself, that I know as a fact,

When I first met you, you were fantastic, just a naive as me, but we both grew, maybe not at the same rate I see, because you call my ignorant, and I say that to you,

I feel old, but I feel young too, I feel like I do have a life ahead of me, and it will be wonderful, I do want you by my side, but maybe if you weren’t there I’d be okay too,


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