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You Get Lighter The More It Gets Dark

Taken from coldplay^

I really miss me, I miss myself! I miss being the carefree 12 year old, happy even though I was abandoned, a lost cause, I had the utmost fun! I never cared about what I ate, how much I weighed, I didn’t care about my taste in clothes or music, I didn’t care about what people thought!
I miss talking to my cousin all night about why we feel so much and do so little,

I miss making people smile, I miss bringing joy no matter what,

I sort of hate but admire what I am now, a bitch with passion for writing and a mind that would kill anyone,

I hate her, because she pushes everyone away, she keeps acting like she’s okay, when really, she isn’t.
I admire her because she doesn’t break in front of people anymore, she keeps her posture, she keeps her plastic smile shining,

all for who?

What is everything I do for? Why do I do so much? So little? Why do I freak out over tiny things? Why do I ramble so much?


Frustrated is an understatement right now, I’m going insane, wait no, I’m becoming sane.

It’s really bad, I don’t know how to have fun anymore 😦 I don’t know how to laugh at nothing,

I really miss that twinkling heart of mine, the one that looked like a star,

I don’t care, go and tear me apart, I don’t care if you do…


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